Commercial insurance in Spain

Commercial responsibility obligations for businesses and self-employed persons

Helvetia Commercial
For sales and tradesmen, enterprises with workshop or warehouse.
Helvetia Offices
For professional offices (banks, accountants, solicitors, estate agents, insurance...)
Helvetia Services
For service providers (restaurants, doctors' offices, bars, ice cream shops, cafes, bodegas, pubs...)

Protection for their business, including the site
  • Fire
    Fire, explosion, smoke damage.
  • Water damage (rain, flooding, water damage)
    Water damage to materials and inventory, search and inventory, repairs.
  • Exceptional athmospheric events (storms, hail, snow, lightning)
    Damage to equipment and inventory.
  • Damage through vandalism
    Damage to equipment and inventory.
  • Breakages
  • Commercial Liability
    People-product assembly, property-tenant liability.
  • Burglary - Theft
    Theft of goods, materials, inventory, cash. Damage to the building as result of a burglary. Repair of locking systems.
  • Electrical damage
    Damage to equipment and computers.
  • Loss of earnings
    Payment of fixed costs due to damage with temporary loss of business.
  • Legal assistance
    Support by Helvetia solicitors for complaints.
  • Transport of goods

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