Private health insurance in Spain

Tariff E71

Medical care without copayment

  • The insurance company unilaterally waives the right to terminate the policy after five years from the time of signing. For these purposes, and after the five years have elapsed, the insurer cannot consider the insured’s age nor illnesses as grounds for cancellation.
  • Maximum age for cover: up to 60 years old (before reaching the 60th birthday)
  • Grace period: Without a grace period for urgent treatments and if the insured has previously had private medical insurance. A 6-12 months grace period when no previous private insurance for other treatments and services.
  • Full, 100% coverage of medical care with the HNA. 100% hospital and outpatient care.
  • Ambulance service with transport to the nearest, suitable hospital.
  • New services included: Intraocular lenses in cataract surgery;
    Early detection of colon cancer: colonoscopy and genetic testing;
    Prosthesis for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy;
    Urology: use of a laser for the surgical treatment of the prostate;
    Prostheses such as heart valves, pacemakers, hips, vascular bypasses.
  • Oral and dental care: 100% cover under the medical care of HNA
  • Dental implants: covered under the medical care of HNA with an excess payment.
  • Moreover, cover across the world: for trips of up to 90 days abroad.
    Return trip to Spain included.

Tariff D

with free choice of doctor

  • The insurance company unilaterally waives the right to terminate the policy. For these purposes, and after the five years have elapsed, the insurer cannot consider the insured’s age nor illnesses as grounds for cancellation.
  • Maximum age for cover up to 75 years (before their 75th birthday).
  • Grace period: No grace period if evidence of prior insurance.
  • Free choice of doctor or hospital. for outpatient and inpatient treatment. In addition, there is the possibility of using the medical and clinical network of the provider HNA.
  • Hospitalisations and regulations managed 100%, with prior authorization by the insurance company.
  • Accommodation in single or twin rooms.
  • Ambulance services: to the nearest suitable hospital.
  • Maternity hospital costs: up to a maximum of 2.000€.
  • In-patient treatment is generally 20% deductible.
  • Medication and bandages: maximum € 500 per year.
  • Cures: homeopathy and physiotherapy.
  • Outpatient treatment for pregnancies.
  • Dental treatment and dental care: maximum € 300 per year.
  • Checkups: once a year.
  • In addition, global insurance covers up to 90 days of treatment per year outside of Spain with free choice of doctor or hospital, without country restriction and with accommodation in a single or twin room.

Table (net)- Premiums Tariff E71* - Up to 20€ family discount

Age groups Monthly payment 1.04% discount
on quarterly payments
3.12% discount
on six-monthly payments
4.16% discount
on yearly payments
0-4 years 77,12 229,04 448,83 888,42
5-13 years 36,51 108,43 212,48 420,58
14-23 years 43,42 128,96 252,71 500,21
24-39 years 70,20 208,49 408,55 808,68
40-45 years 69,68 206,94 405,55 802,68
46-49 years 72,69 215,89 423,05 837,39
50-59 years 98,39 292,22 572,64 1.133,47
60-65 years 136,58 405,65 794,92 1.573,44
66-70 years 155,67 462,34 906,00 1.793,32
Additional dental       12,00
Additional trip       6,98

*Premiums may vary according to the Spanish autonomous regions.

Table (net) - Premiums Tariff D

Age groups Monthly payment 2% discount
on quarterly
4% discount
on six-monthly
6% discount
on yearly
0-29 years 122,00 359,05 704,30 1.380,97
30-34 years 134,19 394,97 774,73 1.519,09
35-39 years 146,39 430,87 845,17 1.657,20
40-44 years 158,56 466,70 915,44 1.794,97
45-49 years 170,78 502,66 980,00 1.933,33
50-54 years 182,99 538,61 1.056,49 2.071,56
55-59 years 207,39 610,42 1.197,38 2.347,79
60-64 years 231,77 682,19 1.338,14 2.623,82
65-69 years 256,17 754,01 1.479,03 2.900,05
70-74 years 304,97 897,66 1.760,79 3.452,53
ab 75 years 391,78 1.153,14 2.261,92 4.435,15

Doctors, clinics and hospitals offering medical care with HNA

The insured who have a policy with tariffs D or E71 with Helvetia private health insurance can take advantage of an extensive network of doctors, clinics and hospitals associated with HNA medical care. The complete list of associated doctors, clinics and hospitals offering health care can be found on our web page:

Below we list the main hospitals associated with HNA medical care, grouped by location:

Costa del Sol: Centro Hospital Estepona, Hospiten Estepona, Quirón Marbella, Xanit International Benalmádena, Hospital Carlos Haya Malaga, Quirón Málaga.

Costa Blanca: Centro Clinico Denia SL in Denia and Beniarbeig, Hospital Clinica Benidorm, Clinica Vista Hermosa Alicante, Hospital Quironsalud de Torrevieja.

Illes Balears: Hospital Clinic Balear in Llucmajor, Centro Policlinico Palma, Clinica Rotger Palma, Quiron Palmaplanas, Clinica Juaneda Palma.